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Bsite Agency is a group of graphic designers and programmers who care about the development of the image of global entrepreneurs.

Bsite Agency product line ™

Bsite Agency

UI Design

We create individual graphic designs that are the basis for further advanced development.


Professional online stores based on the world’s most popular sales platforms.

Bsite Agency

Packaging Design

Graphic designs of packaging made using the vector method, adapted to printing.

Bsite Agency

Logotype & Branding

Advanced process of building a graphic symbol along with the transfer of the copyright protocol.

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How we make it slick?



Here’s all the competencies we offer

In a modern world, a strong visual identity determines the success of a product. Our branding solutions ensure consistency across all customer touchpoints while remaining unique.

We use various research methods to work closely with users. The process agility allows us to adjust the product accordingly and ensure we create products that customers love.

It’s hard to be simple. Slick ensures the design is minimalist and beautiful, fully reflecting the brand personality.

The frontend team understands your business goals and develops best-in-class solutions that meet your needs. Our developers rarely say no to the ambitious demands of the design teams.

Expert review helps identify less than perfect areas of a digital product. We not only point out the problems that cause difficulties for the customer, but also develop concrete solutions and plans to solve them.

Our features

We create outstanding assets

A number of aspects that we will provide you with during our fruitful cooperation. Some of them relate to design, some to programming.

Bsite Agency

Powerful Design

We always use an individual & unique graphic template

Bsite Agency

CMS System

Manage content from the perspective of the admin panel

Bsite Agency


Possibility of integration with third-party plugins & softwares

Bsite Agency

Deadline Warranty

Guarantee that the project will be delivered within the period

Bsite Agency

Google Visibility

Guarantee 100% Google Page Speed Insights site score

Bsite Agency

SEO Basics

We provide basic or advanced SEO optimization & structure

Bsite Agency

Sales Increase

Stores created according to the best UX assumptions

Bsite Agency

Quality Coding

We use the most modern & updated programming languages

Bsite Agency

Digital Marketing

We continue marketing activities within the site after first step


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Awesome Clients

Not to brag, but a lot of hot startups and market leaders reach out & touch base to commission our work.

We are unity

Team members


We’re a multi-disciplined team of enthusiast designers, innovators, and strategic digital thinkers.

Bsite team is like an open-source of talented and competent professionals. Bsite Agency crew is an experienced founding team.


Bartosz Wiśniewski

UI Designer


Grzegorz Śnieżko



Kuba Marchut



Matty Cash


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Below you will find various contact options and our social media. Stay up to date with the latest trends, let’s talk!

Contact via Email

If you want to stay slightly at a distance. I usually try to respond within 2 days.

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The main platform where I share my concepts, process and educational stuff.

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Shots on Dribbble

Basically, all my works that you see on Instagram, but in high resolution.

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Our main portfolio where we are publishing project in the highest quality & details.

General Questions

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Bsite Agency Cooperation. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Feel free to contact me directly via Telegram or email.

At Bsite Agency, we create tailor-made solutions. We approach each project individually and evaluate it depending on the needs and requirements of the client.

The cost of a website or online store depends on the architecture and functionalities used. These elements affect the time needed for their implementation and its final price. It is worth noting that we recommend solutions tailored to the client’s budget.

The duration of the website depends on its size, graphic design specifications and the functionalities used. The graphic design can be created within 7 days from the confirmation of the set of materials for its implementation. We realize basic websites based on the CMS system for about 30 days.

In the case of more complex websites, this time may be longer. The project supervisor together with the technical team determine the time of implementation of the website after getting acquainted with the project specifications and customer requirements.

Attractive and valuable content is the foundation of any good website and affects the interest in the offer among users. Remember that the content, i.e. content, graphics and photos, should be unique. It will certainly help in the process of website positioning. Our clients can use the content creation service by professional copywriters.

Adding information about the ch platforms on which websites and stores are created and what functionalities they have.

CMS systems are used to create and update websites. The most popular content management systems include: WordPress, Shopify, Idosell or Shoper. Each of these systems offers different possibilities both when creating a website and its subsequent editing, as well as everyday use.

In Bsite Agency, in most cases, we create websites based on Idosell, which is the most flexible CMS system. Its basic advantages include ease of use and the ability to quickly introduce changes.

It all depends on your goals. A good paid graphics or website always brings more exclusivity to your product than a free one.

When it comes to Bsite Agency, they were actually created to help your products stand out and shine. But apart from aesthetics, this assets also has great customization tools, all of these Figma icons are ready to adapt to your unique needs.


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